Carrier Access

All our customers turn to SEATRANS to relieve the burden of sourcing for reliable carriers in the right trade lanes and at the right time. Experts agree that global and traditional issues of rising fuel costs, etc. are making transportation procurement a discipline best suited to companies equipped with the

Management Team

The team assembled by SEATRANS is impossible to duplicate. For most companies, it would be cost prohibitive. Furthermore, even if cost wasn’t a consideration, our vest team of experts, with varied experience and expertise, stay on top of changing trends, assuring you the best of the best.

Our Network

Through our vast network of offices and agent worldwide, SEATRANS can offer you the widest variety of transportation options, regardless of where in the world you are shipping to. Our transportation services, backed by the best personnel and vendors in the industry, provide you a level of attention which is second to none.


Honest work and results of activities of the company give us an opportunity to tell our customer easily about our advantages:

  • Long term working partnership with major carriers
  • Flexible pricing
  • Space availability
  • Efficient problems solution

Our Services

  • Air freight
  • Sea freight
  • Inland transport and trucking services
  • Consolidation services
  • Customs clearance
  • FDA application services
  • Marine insurance
  • Warehouse and Distribution services
  • Stevedoring

Global Network

  • Asia - North / East / South / South East / Middle East
  • Africa
  • Americas - North / South
  • Europe